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16051 Dessau Rd,
Pflugerville, Texas 78660

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Sunday: Closed

512 • 761 • 4420




Banh Mi Sandwich

Freshly made daily bread. Banh mi is a light crunchy crust with extremely airy inside which is important for a traditional Vietnamese sandwhich.


Jasmine Rice

Fragrant and fluffy white rice cooked to perfection. Jasmine rice is a staple ingredient for Vietnamese.


Rice Vermecilli Noodles

Round and thin rice noodles similar to angel hair pasta. It has great texture and fun to eat with chopsticks


Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini noodles are made to order to keep it as fresh and crisp as possible. it is refreshing, healthy, and tasty.



Grilled Chicken

Marinated in a slightly sweet and savory sauce then grilled to create juicy and savory protein.


Grilled Pork

Multi-cultural marinate that  gives a wonderful citrus and savory flavor. It is then grilled to create a succulent and aromatic protein.

Grilled Beef

Marinated in a beautifully complex mix of fresh ingredients and spices to bring out the bold beefy flavors. It is then grilled to create a tender and flavorful protein.


Grilled Vegetarian Protein

Marinated in a lovely mix of spices and ingredients to enhance the flavors. It is then grilled to perfection for a delicious meatless protein.



  • • Pickled Carrots
  • • Mixed Herb Salad
  • • Crisp Cucumber
  • • Fresh Cilantro
  • • Sauteed Green Onions
  • • Jalapeño
  • • Toasted Sesame Seeds
  • • Crushed Peanuts
  • • Fried Shallots
  • • Pickled Onions
  • • Chinese Sausage
  • • Shredded Pork



Mời’s Special

A mild and citrus sauce with Thai influenced flavors.

Mời’s Original

A traditional fish sauce that compliments Vietnamese dishes.

House Vinaigrette

A refreshing and citrus vinaigrette that provide a tang.

Wasabi Mayo

A simple and smooth sauce with a wasabi kick.

Cilantro Mayo

A refreshing cilantro infused sauce with a hint of citrus.

Spicy Sate

Mời’s in house made Sate (hot chili oil) infused with variety of peppers and ingredients. Contains peanut oil.

Peanut Sauce

A sweet and savory peanut sauce with a touch of mild peppers.

Spicy Soy Sauce

Soy sauce infused with Mời’s spicy sate blend to perfection.



Fried Egg

Egg Rolls

Two deliciously crispy fried egg rolls

Spring Rolls

Fresh crisp spring rolls

Extra Zucchini Noodles



Bottled Water

Vietnamese Coffee

We serve traditional Vietnamese iced coffee, brewed strong, and mixed with sweetened condensed milk, for a rich creamy coffee that’s sure to be your new favorite pick me up.

Green Tea

Soft Drinks

Coke, Root Beer, Fruit Punch, Sprite, Dr.Pepper, Diet Coke


The Meaning of Mời

For Vietnamese cuisine culture, it is common to have family style meals. Everyone would sit at the table with family style portions to share. At the start of the meal, the younger would Mời each elder at the table out of respect and to invite them to enjoy the delicious meal.

Mời [Muh-ee] – To Invite







The word Mời is always used with a warm heart and open arms. From a cook, it is used to invite guests to enjoy the cooking and have a great time.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide fresh and delicious meals with exemplary service to our customers. Our ingredients and food are made fresh daily to provide the best tasting meal every time. We want our customers to experience the Mời culture, Mời (invite) others, and repeatedly return to enjoy our food.